Zmajevo is the craft beer and music fest that we had started in 2018.

The goal of the festival is to gather, in one place, as many craft beer enthusiasts as possible, offer them the possibility to taste as many new beers as possible, some juicy collaborations as well, acquaint them with a few foreign breweries, make sure that nobody stays hungry through a local gastronomic offer (which you can totally pair with beer) and, of course, enhance the experience with good old rock'n'roll.

The first two editions were extremely well received, which showed that a scene that very much craves festivals of this kind does exist here. The other two editions were condemned to mini editions of the festival and dancing behind surgical masks. But, after pulling through all that, you can but imagine what kind of a spectacle we'll prepare for 2022 edition, hopefully in normal circumstances this time.

The breweries we have hosted so far at Zmajevo were Crate Brewery (UK), Amundsen Brewery (NOR), Munich Brew Mafia (GER), Barut Brewing and Blending (SLO), HumanFish Brewery (SLO), Cervesa Montseny, Browar Pinta (POL), Lehe Brewery (EST) along with our compatriots Nova Runda and Varionica.

The bands tasked with satisfying thirsty ears were, on the other hand, Mašinko, SIX PACK, Ogenj, Pičke vrište, Debeli Precjednik, Šank?!, Dregermajster Crew, Tri kapljice, OSA (One Step Away), ParNepar and Krešo i Kisele Kiše.

Zmajevo 2022 remains shrouded in secret, but some revelations will be made soon enough.